Audrey Thao Berger

Choreographer. Dancer.
Arts Administrator. Teaching Artist


Audrey Thao Berger (she/her/hers) is a choreographer, dance artist, and non-profit administrator. She is interested in exploring how trauma and our ancestral histories are stored in the body and how witnessing, moving through, and transforming these embodied experiences can facilitate individual and collective healing. Audrey uses text and writing as a vehicle to research concepts, find inspiration, and surface curiosities.

Audrey holds a BA in dance from the London Contemporary Dance School. She recently co-choreographed a new work, All That We Hold, that premiered at the annual United States of Asian America Festival in San Francisco. At present, she is an artist in residence at Motive Brooklyn, a 2022/23 Performance Project Fellow with the University Settlement, and a member of the 2022 Dance NYC Junior Committee and the 2022 Moving Towards Justice program at Gibney. When not in the studio, Audrey is the Programs Associate at The Brooklyn Arts Exchange and a creative movement teacher in New York public schools with Together in Dance.


Instagram: audrey.thao.berger